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February 2024 Green Sanctuary News

Jan Weaver, Green Sanctuary

Compost Ninja has arrived at the UUS! On January 1st we started the contract with this service. Look for the green Compost Ninja Collection Buckets. Training and educational opportunities are being arranged so the program can be fully utilized and benefit UUS and Mother Earth.

February 18 Green Sanctuary All Ages: “An inescapable network of mutuality” Rev. Martin Luther King

We will have an Environmental Justice Timeline where adults can test their knowledge of major EJ events. We will also have a game called “The Fair City” where kids can figure out how to make sure everyone has the same access to a clean, healthy environment.

We are Better Together! Change can happen when we work as individuals but working together can result in even bigger changes. Green Sanctuary is the space in our congregation where we work together to protect our shared planet. To learn more, email Sally Hartman at sallyhartman@hotmail.com or Jan Weaver at jan.weaver57@gmail.com. Our next meeting is Wednesday, February 14 at 7 pm. Join us on Zoom at https://us02web.zoom.us/j/88132264216.  Meeting ID: 881 3226 4216. Passcode 533092. On the agenda: becoming a resiliency center, a composting update, plan for All Ages RE, and explore collaborating with other groups in the region.

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