Sundays at UUS

During Sunday services you will find diverse sources of wisdom in support of your personal spiritual journey, a call to love more broadly and actively, a joyous sense of community, and vibrant programs for children & youth.

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Current Covid Restrictions

Masks are optional for all UUS activities, including services. We have a red section of seating on the right side of the sanctuary where masks are required and there is space for physical distancing. People who wear face masks can also sit anywhere else in the sanctuary, of course, but in the red section they will be required.

In our effort to maintain a community of care that is responsive to the many health needs of our congregation, please:

  • Continue to stay home and watch our services online if you are having symptoms of covid or have tested positive for covid. If you’ve had an exposure to covid in the past week but have not yet tested positive for covid, please wear a mask or watch services from home.  
  • When you’re at UUS, please follow good hand hygiene practices.
  • When you meet with small groups, please continue to follow inclusion, covenant, consent, and care principles to make sure that all members of groups are able to be part of activities.

What to Expect

Weekend Services

You will find in our Sunday services that big questions are addressed, many sources of wisdom are used as guides, and there is no prescribed way to think. Our members have a range of religious perspectives and backgrounds, and they often report a sense of liberation at discovering a community that accepts them for who they are and encourages their growth without dogma or judgement.

Sunday Service

Sundays 10:00 am, in person and online

During Sunday service you will find diverse sources of wisdom in support of your personal spiritual journey, a call to love more broadly and actively, a joyous sense of community, and vibrant programs for children & youth.

What to Expect

Service Format & Content

At a typical service you will experience a sermon from our minister or a guest speaker, as well as hymns and songs, special music by choir or instrumentalists, readings from the pulpit, a story for all ages, time for quiet meditation or prayer, and an offering for a community partner. If you have attended worship at a protestant church, our service format will likely feel familiar.

The content of our services is very different from those of most other denominations. In particular, you may notice:

  • Our central religious symbol is chalice that we light to begin each service.
  • We do not rely on the Bible or any other single source for inspiration. You may hear a poem or quote from a contemporary book, a reading from Buddhist or Indigenous traditions, or a quote from a Black Lives Matter activist. Our themes are guided instead by our Unitarian Universalist principles and supported by a wide range of sources. Learn more about the Six Sources of our living tradition here.
  • We choose our words carefully in all parts of the service to be inclusive and to speak to each individual’s own spiritual journey. You may even recognize traditional hymns with revised lyrics to speak to a broader audience.
  • When we celebrate traditional Christian holidays such as Christmas and Easter, we focus on stories, teachings, and earth-centered rituals rather than on miracles.
  • Our time together is more focused on how we can build a better world in this lifetime than on salvation or an afterlife. As part of this commitment, our Sunday offering is donated each week to a local community organization.
  • Following service, everyone is invited to the Fellowship Hall for an informal social hour for conversation and refreshments. We also offer an online social hour via Zoom for those participating from home.

Families, Children & Youth

Everyone is welcome in our sanctuary regardless of their age and abilities, but we also have other spaces where children and their families can engage with services.

In our nursery, you’ll find that we have the service streaming on a monitor for young children (0-3) and their caregivers who may be more comfortable in that setting.  There is also a speaker in our RE Commons for families who would be more comfortable participating in service from that space.

Many Sundays after our “Time for All Ages,” children and youth are invited to our Religious Education classrooms where we read books, do crafts, and play games to engage with the monthly themes.  Preschoolers and kindergarteners are welcome to begin service in their classroom if a transition during service would be a struggle. During warmer days, we often engage with the various curricula by going outside.

Stop by the RE Welcome Table before service to chat with an RE team member and get a tour of our spaces.

Our family-friendly congregation also boasts:

  • Free childcare during service in our nursery for ages 0-3
  • Classroom activities for elementary aged children during service after the “Time for All Ages” segment
  • Teen youth group following service
  • Creativity kits for use during worship featuring crayons, markers, paper and fidget toys
  • Welcoming Space for children at the front of the Sanctuary featuring floor cushions, soft/quiet toys, activities, books and fidgets with nearby seating for caregivers
  • A table in the Sanctuary with writing and drawing supplies for people who would prefer to engage with service while taking notes or drawing
  • Nursing room for quiet feeding/changing space
  • Natural playscapes, gardens, and trails to explore as a family
  • Lego Table in the Fellowship Hall so all ages can enjoy social time after services

Join the UUS Families Facebook page to stay in the loop about events and activities. Contact our Director of Lifespan Religious Education ( with questions about Sunday programming and how to participate.

Youth Sunday Programs

Sundays 10:00 Am

At UUS, we understand spirituality is a journey that starts young. Our Religious Education program provides an opportunity for children to ask questions, explore, and encourages connection to nature and others.

Service Archive

Past Services

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