UU Voices

  • Finding Common Ground Service Promo

    Finding Common Ground

    Christopher Peters, surgeon and former political candidate, discusses some of the negative aspects of campaigning, and especially his positive experiences serving as the state coordinator for Braver Angels. Braver Angels is a national volunteer organization dedicated to reducing political polarization, fostering civil discourse, and helping all Americans find common ground in the political sphere.

  • We Hold These Truths Service Promo

    We Hold These Truths To Be Self-Evident

    Iowa Senator and longtime UUS member Zach Wahls shares his thoughts on the perilous relationships among our governments, the people, and the Truth during these challenging and highly polarized times. This service will reflect on both American history and contemporary events in our community and country and offer a vision for moving forward into our brave new world.

  • Sexuality Through a UU Lens Cover

    Sexuality Through a UU Lens

    Celebrating the 20th anniversary of Our Whole Lives (OWL) Sexuality Education, this service explores the Unitarian Universalist perspectives on sexuality and our internationally acclaimed Our Whole Lives curriculum. Dr. Melanie Davis is the Unitarian Universalist Association’s Our Whole Lives Sexuality Education Program Manager.

  • From Trauma to Truth Service Promo

    From Trauma to Truth: My Story

    How do we get through traumatic issues that scar us? Trying to make sense of them can create new levels of scars. Confronting them can also lead us to discoveries of self struggle and survival. Julia Lohrman Audlehelm, a UUS member since 1977, shares her story of childhood sexual assault and growing beyond the scars.

  • Three Guys Talk About Privilege Promo

    Three Guys Talk About Privilege

    UUS members Ron Pile, Jim Olson, and Dave Martin, who have all volunteered in community programs, offer their thoughts on white privilege and trying to be anti-racist.