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  • 01.17.2021 Service Promo

    The Demands of Inner Truth

    As we prepare to celebrate Martin Luther King Day in a time of racial and political tension, Rev. Diana Smith reflects on the ways each of us might grow by engaging in the struggle for justice.

  • 01.10.2021 Service Promo

    Finding a Better Way

    Jan. 10, 2021 reflection. UUS member Mary McCann describes the racial justice efforts that have led to “A Better Way Forward,” a movement to bring curricular, policy, and community-level changes in the Clear Creek Amana School District.

  • 01.03.2021 Service Promo

    Burning Bowl Service

    Jan. 3, 2021 sermon. This New Year's ritual, led by UUS Worship Asscociate Dan Gall, is an opportunity to release the past year and find hope as we enter the next.

  • 12.24.2021 Service Promo

    Christmas Eve Service 2020

    Dec. 24, 2020 service. Annual Christmas Eve service.

  • 12.20.2021 Service Promo

    A Season of Dark & Light

    Dec. 20, 2020 service. As we celebrate the returning of the sun at the winter solstice, Rev. Diana Smith reflects on the duality of darkness and light.

  • 12.13.2020 Service Promo

    Liberation & the Gift of Stillness

    Dec. 13, 2020 sermon. Rev. Diana Smith reflects on how our sense of hurry and desire for quick results helps perpetuate systems that are oppressive, non-inclusive, and anti-democratic. Practicing stillness can help us better align ourselves with the larger goals of justice we seek.

  • 12.06.2020 Service Promo

    Find a Stillness

    Dec. 6, 2020. The holiday season can often be busy and stressful, and the pandemic creates even more challenges. Rev. Diana Smith creates a space of quiet, calm and centeredness to help us move through the season in peace.

  • 11.29.2020 Service Promo

    Compassion is the New Radicalism

    Nov. 29, 2020 sermon. In Eastern thought three poisons are named: Greed, Anger, and Misperception; all three lead to individual and collective suffering. The antidote to suffering is compassion. To celebrate the environmental work of the United Nations, the Green Sanctuary Team invites Dr. Udaykumar's reflections on how the environmental crisis can be addressed by cultivating and practicing compassion towards the planet and all sentient beings.

  • 11.11.2020 Service Promo

    Finding Hope, Healing, and Gratitude in a Hard Place

    Nov. 22, 2020 sermon. In this Thanksgiving service, Rev. Diana Smith reflects on how we can find hope, healing, and gratitude in this time of pandemic and reckoning with white supremacy.

  • 11.15.2020 Service

    Transgender Day of Remembrance and Resiliance

    Nov. 15, 2020 sermon. UUS Member Aiden M. Bettine explores questions of collectivity and solidarity in the fight for transgender rights and reflects on how to build a trans-inclusive society. This service is in honor of the Transgender Day of Remembrance, an annual day of mourning that occurs on November 20.

  • 11.08.2020 Service Promo

    Resources For A Long-haul People

    Nov. 8, 2020 sermon. In this time of post-election stress and uncertainty, Rev. Diana Smith discusses ways to build our resources for the long-haul work of justice and service.

  • 11.02.2020 Service Promo

    Love, Hope, and Remembering

    Nov. 1, 2020. Celebrating a Day of Remembrance for all those we love and care about who have died, human and non-human. Rev. Diana Smith also reflects on searching for emotional and spiritual grounding, community, reconciliation, and the shadings of love and hope in a time of grief, uncertainty, waiting, and tension.

  • 10.25.2020 Service Promo

    Threads That Weave Us Together

    Oct. 25, 2020 sermon. Rev. Diana Smith reflects on how our individual talents and gifts build a strong community as we wrap up our 2021 operating budget pledge drive.

  • 10.18.2020 Service Promo

    Member Stories

    Oct. 18, 2020 reflections. In this special Sunday service, members share what they love about the Unitarian Universalist Society, how they support UUS, and how how UUS sustains them.

  • 10.11.2020 Service Promo Image

    A Community of Radical Love

    Oct. 11, 2020 sermon. As we launch our 2021 operating budget pledge drive, Rev. Diana Smith reflects on how we create and strengthen our communities and our congregation.

  • 10.04.2020 Service Promo Image

    Walking the Perimeter

    Oct. 4, 2020 sermon. Reflections on Indigenous Peoples Day by Rev. Diana Smith.

  • 09.27.2020 Service Promo Image

    Vote Love, Defeat Hate

    Sept. 27, 2020 sermon excerpts. Discussion of the UU the Vote campaign, with perspectives from UUS member Jim Olson and Donna Hirst, the chair of the Voter Engagement Committee of the Johnson County Interfaith Coalition.

  • 09.20.2020 Service Promo Image

    Meeting the World

    Sept. 20, 2020 sermon. “You must meet the outer world with your inner world or existence will crush you,” says spiritual teacher Mark Nepo. Developing practices where we can meet the world with our hearts is all the more needed in these pandemic times. UUS Community Minister Lois Cole shares lessons in resilience from her ministry as a hospital chaplain at the UI Stead Family Children’s Hospital.

  • 09.06.2020 Service Promo

    Threads of a Dream

    Sept. 6, 2020 sermon. This Labor Day, Rev. Diana Smith reflects on what it means to be bound by the threads of a dream to work for something we believe in.

  • Sermon promo image

    How We Care For Each Other

    Aug. 30, 2020 sermon. How do you talk with others about your needs, hopes, and boundaries during a pandemic? How can we have conversations about consent that feel good? Rev. Diana Smith reflects on how we can support each other in this pandemic school and church year.