Spotlight on Rentals: Who are our Renters?

Sue Kann, Volunteer Rental Coordinator

What do a life celebration, an Egyptian traditional groomsman party, and 9 Disney princesses have in common? They have all rented space in our building!

The 9 Disney princesses came for a Princess Meet and Greet event last spring which included 300 children (also in princess outfits) meeting their favorite princesses. The groomsman party included dancing, singing and lots of henna. And we have hosted many Life Celebrations for families near and far. Other frequent renters are non-profit organizations for fundraising events and religious and ethnic communities that do not have a building of their own and need a space for their traditional celebrations.

The Center for Worker’s Justice recently held a very successful Gala, and Inside Out Reentry held an overflowing and financially rewarding Trivia Night. The 100 Grannies hold their meetings and celebrations at the UUS. The Suchona community recently held their Fall Festival Celebration in our building for the 6th time and this February we will host the Iowa City Area Chinese Association for the first time which will celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year with us.

We host many smaller groups celebrating babies, birthdays, graduations and retirements. And finally, we hope to increase wedding rentals in 2024. Please contact Sue Kahn at if you know of any potential brides, grooms, and couples getting married!

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