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Green Sanctuary News

Jan Weaver, Green Sanctuary

Cranking up our Composting! Since moving to its new location, UUSIC composting has been provided by committed Iowa City residents who have been hauling compostables home to put in their own household bins A big thanks to Sally Hartman, Deb Schoelerman, Virginia Melroy, and Sue Kahn for doing this! The good news is that beginning in January, composting services will be provided by Ecocare Supply, a local specialist in commercial composting. Green Sanctuary member Bonnie Penno and Volunteer Rental coordinator Sue Kahn set up the contract with Ecocare, and will both be working on training renters, volunteers, friends, and members on how to compost to minimize contamination. Keep an eye out for the green bins!

Cooking Electric! Join Green Sanctuary on Sunday January 21 for an All Ages RE event on Cooking Electric. Adults can learn how to use induction cooktops and hot pots to make delicious meals. Plus, kids and adults can learn how to use a knife safely to cut up fruit to make a snack. Why try electric? Gas ranges leak methane even when they are not being used. Methane has 25 times the heat trapping potential of carbon dioxide, so they are a potent, if passive, contributor to global warming. When gas ranges are being used, they produce nitrogen dioxide, volatile organic compounds, and particulate matter in amounts that can easily exceed indoor air quality standards. Getting a new electric range may not an option for everyone, but there are countertop alternatives that might help reduce emissions and improve air quality.

Charting a New Course! Thanks to all who have filled out Green Sanctuary’s Climate Justice Survey. We have had almost 100 responses. The survey is part of our reaccreditation as a UU Green Sanctuary Congregation. We will use the results to guide which activities and projects to take on over the next few years. Respondents indicated that they wanted to learn more about all seven areas, but Resiliency, Water Protection, and Endangered Species came out on top.

We are Better Together! Change can happen when we work as individuals but working together can result in even bigger changes. Green Sanctuary is the space in our congregation where we work together to protect our shared planet. To learn more, email Sally Hartman at sallyhartman@hotmail.com or Jan Weaver at jan.weaver57@gmail.com. Our next meeting is Wednesday, January 10 at 7 pm. Join us on Zoom at  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/88132264216.  Meeting ID: 881 3226 4216. Passcode 533092. On the agenda: climate justice survey, a resiliency center, composting update, future programs.

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