September UU Mystics Update

The Unitarian Universalist Living Tradition draws from many sources, including mystical experience, referring to it in our first Source as the “direct experience of that transcending mystery and wonder, affirmed in all cultures, which moves us to a renewal of the spirit and an openness to the forces that create and uphold life.” Our UUMystics is a group for anyone who has an interest or personal experience with what is commonly referred to as “mystical experiences,” and a desire to share in a community of support for exploring “Spiritual Awakening or Enlightenment, Mystical or Transcendent Experience, Discovering our True Nature,” and probably other ancient or modern terms. We share our personal stories and explore the impact, meaning, and implications that these experiences may have in our lives and beyond. We may also explore historical or contemporary mystical spiritual wisdom and draw from our own UUA resources. We may sometimes participate in some spiritual practices led by members. We are a self-creating community with shared leadership. As with most groups who enjoy personal sharing, we will follow the covenant we created together to guide our gatherings.

As one group member said recently:
“I feel that the group is very important as an activity deeply relevant to our UU principles, especially to spiritual inclusiveness and increasing awareness and support for those members whose spiritual identities and experiences emerge from a special sensitivity to transcendent mysteries.”

We meet on the 1st Wednesday of the month at 7pm at UUS in the conference room, and we make every effort to have our gatherings available on Zoom (Link to Join) for those who are unable to attend personally. Our gatherings are also open to anyone from the public who is referred by a group member and agrees to comply with our mutual covenant.

Please contact Miriam Kashia (miriam.kashia@gmail.com) if you have any questions.

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