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UUS Endowment Holdings, Fourth Quarter Update

From your Endowment Committee:

As members of the Society are aware, the Endowment Committee has annually reported the status of the General Endowment Fund as well as other endowment funds. Beginning this year, the Endowment Committee will be reporting the accounts to the board and the congregation on a quarterly basis. This change is in response to the Board of Trustee’s request to keep all of us updated on a more frequent basis. The accompanying table is meant to show much of what you may be interested in, and if it brings up more questions, please contact any member of the Endowment Committee.

General Endowment Total Value$1,037,301$1,055,139$1,051,616$1,003,497$1,067,813
Donations this quarter$2,859$2,3200$300$7850
UUA Contribution00$368$451$370
Non-Corpus Total2$327,833$257,473$251,630$203,511$276,047
Expenditures from General Endowment3$18,414$29,260$24,945$16,630$24,945
Annual Spending Allowance (ASA)4$10,914$17,260$12,945$8,630$12,945
Endowment-Approved Withdrawal5$7,500$12,000$12,000$8,000$12,000
Other Endowment Funds Value6$153,800$160,675$161,333$153,176$156,390
Other Endowment Funds Expenditures
Jean Reese Fund00$2,647$2,647$9,211
Music Fund0000
Detiger Fund$211400$5000
Bristol Fund0000

1 Can be accessed under very special circumstances
2 May be accessed by vote of the congregation
3 This amount will vary by quarter depending on the last business day of the month
4 Amount per quarter contributed to the annual budget
5 Amount approved by the congregation above the ASA
6 Earmarked for special purposes, e.g., music, outdoor projects

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