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February Free Lunch Program Service a Great Success!

Bob Littlehale

February 9th was simply a gorgeous and warm, Spring-like day! The service team provided 117 meals to guests. It was so busy that at one point there was not a single seat unoccupied! Vicki Seifers and Frank Wildensee, chefs supreme, whipped up lentil and ham and lentil stews on site. There was a gentleman originally from Mississippi who remarked that he hadn’t had a meal as good as this since leaving his home state.

We had no leftovers!

Adding that special touch to the sets of utensils!

As per usual, the green and fruit salads, cookies, cupcakes, provided by Sally Hartman and Pete Brokaw, and various standard drinks were also served. Gay Mikelson did her usual fun napkin wrappings for over 150 utensil sets. Other volunteers included Bob Littlehale, Bonnie Penno, Mary Dix, Christina Randall, Barb Herring, Gary Gare, Theresa Ullerich, Joe Rasmussen, Janet McKee, Terri O’Berry, John Elson, Russ Lenth and Gary Lawrenson.

As always, we would love more volunteers to donate food, time, or funds for our March 8th service. Below are some photos from the day!

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