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Covenant Groups in March

In March, Covenant Group members discussed the role of transformation in our lives.  “Transformation” is one of those grand words suggestive of epic events or the complete makeover of a person inside and out.  This can be misleading, because important change often starts small—with a hesitant first step, a slight change of angle from which to view things, a familiar idea expressed in new words.  However change begins, we all experience it, either sought for or beyond our control.  The challenge is to understand these “transformations” not as “fixing” what is imperfect in ourselves–that’s judgmental and self-defeating.  As Soul Matters points out, transformation is about “attention not improvement.”  It’s about listening to yourself, learning who you are, and finding ways to embrace more fully your authentic self.  What transformations have you undergone, and what different directions has your life taken because of them?

If questions like these intrigue you, you might want to consider joining a Covenant Group.  The Covenant Group program offers its members the opportunity to share their views and deepen their understanding of a wide range of issues while creating closer ties with other UUs.

Email covenantgroupfacilitators@uusic.org to connect with Covenant Groups and learn more!

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