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Be a Congregational Connector!

By Victoria Huitt, Membership Coordinator

We are seeking current congregation members to be “Congregational Connectors” to our prospective members in the Pathways to Membership process. What this involves is mentoring and providing information regarding all the various groups and activities here at UUS to choose from.  Each prospective member is required to meet twice at a minimum with their Connector in any format that works best for you and them; here in church, outside of church, online or even phone; you can decide what works best for you.  You would only be a connector to one person at a time. If you have an interest in serving in this capacity, please email Victoria at welcome@uusic.org

We are also looking to add Membership Associates to our team!  This group rotates greeting at the Welcome Table on Sunday mornings before services.  Showing up at 9 am and setting up, putting out the sign, greeting visitors, responding to anyone with questions, and offering information on service (finding order of service, bathrooms, social hour after the service), getting name badges or filling out Connections cards for more information on membership, RE, activities.  Long term congregants or new members all could serve in this function.  We can offer flexibility in scheduling for snowbirds or travelers.

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