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September Free Lunch Report

The Volunteers of the IC UUS Free Lunch Program served 105 guests at the 1105 South Gilbert Court facility in Iowa City. It was a glorious day and the children who came laughed loudly. 

You of this congregation know who the volunteers are because they are mostly the same names month after month. You have read these reports for some time and may have come to the conclusion that we have a plethora of volunteers that donate time, energy, donations of money and food itself. 

We have gotten by. We want and need more help however. Remember that our Society and the Iowa City FLP has been doing this for many decades. In fact, the ICFLP is celebrating its forty (40) year anniversary!

We need more of you to come and help on the second Friday of each month when we do our service. There are many benefits for serving. We do enjoy the company of others and one might consider our fun as a party.

Please come join us.

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