November Immigration Action Team Update

Sally Hartman

Kindred Spirits Covenant Group
You are invited to a Tapas/Sangria Gathering on November 3rd to raise funds to sponsor an asylum seeker. Gather from 5-7 pm at Kim’s home for delicious small plate tapas, sangria and good conversations. This is a freewill donation gathering. You can find Kim’s address in Realm or by contacting the Kindred Spirits Covenant Group at

The sponsorship will enable an asylum seeker to be released from detention while waiting for their asylum case to be processed.  A member of our congregation, Fanny Carver, has offered her home so there will not be housing expenses, but there will be other expenses, including legal fees.  The Kindred Spirits want to support this asylum seeker, and we hope you would be interested as well.  Come join us for this festive event!

State-wide UU News
The glue that holds Iowa UUs together is the Iowa UU Witness Advocacy Network, one of 24 State Action Networks in the US.  This organization and its board support UU congregations and collaborate with them in social justice endeavors.

For example, the Environmental Justice Team shared postcards for congregations to send messages to the Iowa Utilities Board to not approve Carbon Capture Pipelines.  Decorah Fellowship mailed in 50!  The Environmental Justice Team shares resources, such as educational kits for children, announces climate justice events, works to promote partnerships, and provides support for members and their congregations.

The Team’s latest project is Drawdown Ecochallenge, an internet group project providing structure to complete environmental actions.  This team, called the Swine Republic UUs, is comprised of 5 UUS members and 21 other UUs across Iowa.  Completed actions include planting trees, eating meatless meals, riding bikes, making donations, writing public officials, and recycling.  We all can do more to address climate justice!

Last June IUUWAN used Faithify, the UU crowd funding platform, to raise funds to bolster congregations efforts to support LGBTQ+ individuals in their communities.  Such support includes give-aways at Pride events, signs supporting trans and LGBTQ+ people, and an honorarium for speakers.  UU congregations can apply to IUUWAN for funds from the Faithify fundraiser.  Should you be interested in the work done by Iowa state-wide, contact Sally (

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