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Green Sanctuary July News

Jan Weaver

Juneteenth Green Sanctuary Potluck and Program!

Over 25 folks showed up to share salads, bean dishes (traditional for Juneteenth), casseroles, cookies, brownies, and fruit at our first potluck. Because it was Juneteenth, we did a deep read of General Order No. 3, the notice informing enslaved people in Texas they were free. Discussion focused on the inconsistency of telling Freedman they had equal rights with their former enslavers, but advising them to stay and work for those same people. Our Juneteenth observation was linked to Green Sanctuary through Dr. Martin Luther King’s writings on the connection of race and environment, a connection later documented in a report by the United Church of Christ that showed race was the number one factor in deciding where toxic waste facilities were located. The program wrapped up by sharing about some of Green Sanctuary’s work. On another note, everyone remembered to bring their own table service so we kept use of compostable plates down, and made clean up a breeze.

UUA Climate Revival Event! Save the Date – September 28-29

Join us September 28 and 29 to explore how to bring our UUS climate and justice goals together! Details to follow.


Composting has increased and contamination has gone down. Everything is going in the right direction! Be sure and try out composting (if you haven’t already) the next time you are enjoying refreshments in the fellowship hall.

July Better Together Challenge – Prepare for the Worst

Each month of Better Together we have actions that members of the congregation can take to address climate Mitigation, Adaptation, Resilience, and Justice. Our focus for the summer is Adaptation to the new circumstances created by climate change. One way to adapt is to prepare for the worst.

  1. For severe Weather – Make a Safety Plan. You can find everything here – https://www.weather.gov/ama/severesafetytips
  2. For a major Disaster – After you make a plan for severe weather, you need one for the aftermath. You can find everything here – https://www.ready.gov/plan
  3. For Death – Thinking about death never killed anyone, but avoiding thinking about it can make it challenging for your family. Fill out an Advanced Medical Directive (ADM) to guide end of life choices. If you have young kids, designate a legal guardian so the court doesn’t choose one for you. Make a will so that what is left goes where you want it to go. Start by writing your wishes down and then use these resources to help formalize your plans. ADM – https://www.caringinfo.org/planning/advance-directives/by-state/iowa/; Guardianship – https://www.nytimes.com/article/legal-guardian.html#link-3f98cc12; Will – https://www.iowalegalaid.org/resource/wills-and-probate-questions-answers

Our Next Meeting Will by Hybrid!

Green Sanctuary is planning an in-person meeting at church Wednesday July 24, 7 pm but we will have a zoom option for folks that can’t make it in person. Interested, contact Jan Weaver – jan.weaver57@gmail.com for more information or to get on our email list.

Photo Caption: Potluck attendees listening as one of the tables shares an impression of the deep read of General Order No. 3 announcing the Emancipation Proclamation to residents of Galveston Texas on June 19, 1865.

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