The Gift of Renewal: Discussions with UUS Covenant Groups in June 2024

In June, covenant group members talked about some of the ways we renew ourselves. The Soul Matters packet puts it extremely well: “At one time or another, we’ve all asked, “How do I keep going?” It’s a question that comes up not only when life is especially challenging, scary or disorienting, but also when it is especially routine and repetitive. In those moments, we hunger for renewal and new energy. Some strategy that will center us or at least help us put one foot in front of the other.” What do you do to renew yourself—recharge your energy, reframe your perspective, restore your sense of purpose or feelings of joy and love?

If questions like these intrigue you, you might want to consider joining a covenant group.  The covenant group program offers its members the opportunity to share their views and deepen their understanding of a wide range of issues while creating closer ties with other UUs.

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