UUS COVID Team Entering Phase 2


Dear Members and Friends,

The COVID Task Force Team met last night and we are pleased to announce we are officially in Phase 2 of our Reopening Plan!

Phase 2 allows groups of 7 or less (adults or youth 14-17 with parent/guardian) to gather at UUS in one of two designated meeting spots: on the back patio and in the parking lot near the labyrinth. A third meeting spot with a firepit is being planned. All meeting spaces aside from the patio will be BYOC (Bring Your Own Chair). Masks, good hand-hygiene practices, and social distancing are required along with the other guidelines attached here for Phase 2 and for the full reopening plan.

To reserve space, you will need to have a designated leader schedule your meeting through Emma in the office (admin@uusic.org) or through your staff liaison. Please let them know your preferred meeting location and also how many people of the 7 allowed will be attending. Please do not switch meeting locations or come early/stay late to ensure other groups have safe access to the space.

When arriving for your meeting, leaders will pick up a COVID PPE bucket from the table in the front vestibule. These contain hand sanitizer, disposable masks for anyone who forgot one, disinfectant spray and wipes, and an attendance sheet. The leader is responsible for sanitizing all surfaces used during the meeting before and afterwards, enforcing all UUS policies and COVID guidelines, and returning the bucket and the completed attendance form to the vestibule after the meeting is over.

The UUS building is still closed to all besides staff and essential volunteers. Contact a staff member if you have a necessary task inside the building. Incidental access to the building (such as using the bathroom or for other unessential purposes) is discouraged as much as possible and requires following all safety protocols.

As a reminder, If you are meeting offsite as part of a UUS group, you need to follow all the guidelines for the current phase. Group leaders need to keep track of attendance in case of COVID exposure. They should also take a few extra masks, hand sanitizer, and supplies for clean-up.

To progress to Phase 3, we need to be sure we are following the guidelines in Phase 2. Let’s help each other and stay safe. If you come to a group meeting outdoors at UUS and have any concerns about people not following the guidelines, please let someone on the Task Force Team, the staff, or Rev. Diana know.

Blessed Be,

Rev. Diana Smith and The COVID Task Force Team:

Mary McMurray
Dan Gall
Peg Voelker
Marsha Cheyney
Marta Little
Kim Palmer
Amy Fretz
Jessica Zimmer
Peggy Garrigues
Emma Barnum

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