Rev. Steven Protzman at 2017 Pride Festival

UUS Bids Farewell to Rev. Steven Protzman

In July, the Unitarian Universalist Society bid farewell to Rev. Steven Protzman, while honoring his seven years of service as the congregation’s minister.

Rev. Steven ProtzmanRev. Steven served during a period of vibrant growth and tremendous change. His focus on shared ministry was especially valuable during the challenging process to move from the church building at 10 South Gilbert, as he worked collaboratively with lay leaders to strengthen the community and its sense of mission throughout the process.

His efforts included steady calls to work more visibly for a world where justice and peace are enjoyed by all people. From the beginning of his tenure he was a vocal presence in the wider community on issues ranging from marriage equality to racial and immigrant justice.

And even during a challenging two years in a temporary location, Rev. Steven spurred the congregation to greater commitment and engagement. Through his leadership, more than 125 members marched in the Pride parade, dozens turned out for a Cedar Rapids event to protest the police shooting of an unarmed black citizen, many participated in semi-annual Days of Service projects throughout the area, and awards were presented to members displaying “courageous love” as part of the 30 Days of Love he helped create.

This fall, Rev. Steven begins a new chapter as the minister for the Unitarian Universalist Church of Kent, Ohio.

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