UUS Meeting Virtually Due to COVID-19

UUS is currently in Phase One (Building closed) of our COVID Reopening Plan. Sunday services are being streamed via Zoom at 10 a.m. Read more »

Weekly service offering

At Sunday services, a cash offering is collected and all funds not otherwise designated are donated to a partner organization in the community. Each month a new organization is designated to receive all offering donations for that month. On months with a fifth Sunday, donations during those services go to other special causes.

Make an online donation to the current Community Partner.

For 2019, donations to our community partners totaled $22,300, or just over $1,800 per month on average.

Current monthly partners


  • January: Abbe Center for Community Mental Health
  • February: United Action for Youth
  • March: Center for Worker Justice
    • March 5th Sunday Agency: Extend the Dream/Uptown Bills
  • April: Domestic Violence Intervention Program
  • May: Table to Table
  • June: CommUnity
  • July: Inside Out Rentry
  • August: Free Medical Clinic
    • August 5th Sunday Agency: Eastern Iowa Community Bond Project
  • September: Shelter House
  • October: Emma Goldman Clinic
  • November: Free Lunch Program
    • November 5th Sunday Agency: TBA
  • December: Free Dental Clinic

For 2017-2019, our monthly donations went to the following organizations:

  • January: Abbe Center for Community Mental Health
  • February: Domestic Violence Intervention Program
  • March: Inside Out Reentry
  • April: United Action for Youth
  • May: The Crisis Center
  • June: Johnson County Neighborhood Centers
  • July: Table to Table
  • August: Free Medical Clinic
  • September: Emma Goldman Clinic
  • October: Shelter House
  • November: Free Dental Clinic
  • December: Free Lunch Program