Weekly service offering

At Sunday services, a cash offering is collected and all funds are donated to a partner organization in the community. Each month a new organization is designated to receive all offering donations for that month. In months with five Sundays, a special project is chosen to receive funding on the fifth Sunday.

2018 Monthly partner donations

  • January: Abbe Center for Community Mental Health: $2,400
  • February: Domestic Violence Intervention Program: $2,000
  • March: Inside Out Reentry: $2,000
  • April: United Action for Youth: $2,200
  • May: The Crisis Center: $1,700
  • June: Johnson County Neighborhood Centers: $1,950
  • July: Table to Table: TBA
  • August: Free Medical Clinic: $2,417
  • September: $2,412
  • October: TBA
  • November: TBA
  • December: TBA

2017 Monthly partner donations

  • January: DVIP: $1,500
  • February: Abbe Center for Community Mental Health: $1,500
  • March: Inside Out Reentry: $1,050
  • April: Crisis Center: $1,375
  • May: Table to Table: $1,000
  • June: Neighborhood Centers of Johnson County: $1,050
  • July: United Action for Youth: $1,200
  • August: Free Medical Clinic: $1,300
  • September: Emma Goldman Clinic: $1,250
  • October: Shelter House: $2,050
  • November:Free Dental Clinic: $2,550
  • December: Free Lunch Program: $2,700

2017 Fifth Sunday project donations

  • Minister’s Discretionary Fund, $2,540
  • Circle of Friends, $700
  • UNICEF, $500
  • Black Women Houston, $1,000

2016 Monthly partner donations

  • January: Domestic Violence Intervention Program, $1,400
  • February: Hospice, $1,000
  • March: Crisis Center, $1,300
  • April: Elder Services, $1,500
  • May: Table to Table, $1,050
  • June: Comm. Mental Health, $1,000
  • July: Free Medical Clinic, $1,150
  • August: Free Lunch, $900
  • September: Emma Goldman, $950
  • October: Shelter House, $1,500
  • November: Free Dental Clinic, $1,400
  • December: United Action for Youth, $1,350

2016 Fifth Sunday project donations

  • Minister’s Discretionary Fund, $635
  • Partner Church in Romania, $3,000
  • Black Lives Matter, $550
  • ND Standing Rock Pipeline Camp, $600

Recent community partners

  • The Free Dental Clinic is our November Community Partner - The Dick Parrott Free Dental Clinic’s dentists, hygienists, and students volunteer to provide dental services to adults and children in our community without insurance. The Free Dental Clinic is a program coordinated by the Free Medical Clinic of Iowa City.
  • Shelter House is our October Community Partner - Shelter House provides safe shelter and helps people improve the quality of their lives as they move beyond homelessness. In addition to providing emergency housing, the organization helps locate permanent housing and provides employment and mental health services.
  • The Emma Goldman Clinic is our September Community Partner - The Emma Goldman Clinic empowers women and men in all life stages through the provision of quality reproductive health care that includes abortion services, gynecology services, safer sex promotion, and active education. Click the logo to learn more or donate.
  • The Free Medical Clinic is our August Community Partner - The Free Medical Clinic provides quality, comprehensive medical care for the uninsured and underinsured. All service offerings in August will be donated to support their efforts. Click to learn more
  • Table to Table is our July Community Partner - Table to Table keeps wholesome, edible food from going to waste by collecting it from donors and distributing to those in need through agencies that serve the hungry, homeless and at-risk populations.
  • Johnson County Neighborhood Centers is our June Community Partner - JCNC offers long-term commitment to families in the several neighborhoods they serve. They offer a consistent and stable presence and provide a balanced mixture of programs (e.g., preschool and after-school) and activities that build community and teach new skills.
  • CommUnity is our May Community Partner - CommUnity Crisis Services and Food Bank provides immediate and non-judgmental support for individuals facing emotional, food, or financial crisis.
  • United Action for Youth is our April Community Partner - United Action for Youth (UAY) is a Johnson County community organization whose mission is to nurture the potential of all youth to create, grow, and lead. Services include recording and art studios, street outreach, counseling and programs for pregnant and parent teens, health services and a transitional living program.
  • Inside Out Reentry is our March Community Partner - Inside Out Reentry Community is based in Iowa City and serves people returning to Johnson County after incarceration. They help ease the transition back into the community by providing assistance with employment, housing, life-skill training, social and support groups, and other resources.
  • DVIP is our February Community Partner - The Domestic Violence Intervention Program provides comprehensive support and advocacy to victims and survivors, focusing on immediate and long-term safety, empowerment, dignity and hope. Direct services include crisis phone support and safe shelter for women and children.