From Your Mission and Vision Team

Winnie Ganshaw

Pastoral care is an essential aspect of congregational life. In some churches PC is carried out by the minister and members invited by the minister to serve as lay pastoral care associates. In some congregations, including ours, pastoral care is ‘shared ministry’ in which we minister to each other, sometimes day to day, at other times upon seeing each other week to week on Sundays.

Rev. Diana is the person to respond in circumstances of serious illness, surgery, death or some other crisis. Rev. Diana is supported by a team of UUS members designated as pastoral care associates. Upon requests they reach out to others. Another aspect of pastoral care that often goes unnoticed are the brief yet significant conversations between Rev. Diana and others as well as between UUS members with each other before or after a committee meeting, or during the social hour after worship.

During February the UUS Mission and Vision Team will offer opportunities for UUS members to share their experience of pastoral care, specifically during Roundtable Conversations after worship on Feb. 18. We encourage you to attend. Questions? Contact Winnie Ganshaw at wganshaw52@gmail.com.

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