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Free Lunch Program Report for March 2024

Bob Littlehale

Because of the rain on Friday, March 8th, the doors were opened early for the guests to dry off. The Chef’s crew, managed by Frank Wildensee and Vicki Siefers, were on-site at 9:00 AM to provide guests with a Mexican casserole and a vegan chile. Other early team members included: David Queeg, Russ Lenth, Gene McCraken (visiting from Des Moines).

Later Bob Littlehale, Chris Smith, Carolyn Johnson, Ron Wright, Terry O’Berry, and Janet McKee arrived to help with our staples: green, fruit salads and drinks of coffee, tea, and apple juice. Carol Lyons, John Elson, and Gary Lawrensen arrived to staff the “clean the dishes” crew.

Gay Mikelson’s joyous self was on hand to construct the utensils for the delicious meal. Many folks donated the food for our guests. They include were Bob Littlehale, Pete Brokaw and David Queeg.

As always, we welcome any suggestions, volunteer interests, and financial support for the efforts of our charity. Bless you all.

Contact Bob Littlehale at freelunch@uusic.org to get involved with the Free Lunch Program!

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