01/06/2022 COVID Update

(Excerpt from the UUS Weekly Email Update)

COVID Update
Moving to Covid Phase 2

Due to the current wave of the pandemic, local Covid case rates have been increasing. UUS is now in Covid Phased Reopening Plan Phase 2.

In Phase 2, we will not have an in-person option for Sunday morning worship services. We hope you’ll join us online for the service and coffee hour. However, small groups may continue to meet wearing masks either at UUS or off-site. If your small group wishes to transition to online meetings, please contact Emma Barnum or Peggy Garrigues for a zoom link. For more information about Phase 2, please review our Phased Reopening Plan here.

Under the updated guidelines adopted by the Board in September 2021, UUS uses two weeks of data before moving to a new phase. Please be aware that cases are increasing so quickly that the Covid case rates that were released today, January 6, 2022, are now actually in the Phase 1 range. Click here to access the data. This means that UUS may move to Phase 1 next week if cases continue to remain this high.

We’re sad that we won’t be able to see many of you in person on Sunday mornings for a few weeks but are hopeful that by modifying our formats for a few weeks we’ll be able to help reduce Covid cases locally and the strain on our health care system.

If you have questions about how UUS implements our Covid policies, please contact a member of the staff. If you have questions about how UUS makes or updates our Covid policies, please contact a member of the board.

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