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Voting Eligibility

Members and friends of UUSIC are reminded that we will be exercising our Fifth Principle, faith in a democratic process of self-governance, twice in the coming weeks. Our annual budget meeting will be on January 25th, and if all goes according to plan, a vote will be held on February 1st regarding plans to better meet our current and future facilities needs.

According to our by-laws and Board policy, a member is eligible to vote on these issues if she or he has made a recent financial contribution of record to the Society. There is no stated minimum, but some contribution to the Society’s operating budget for 2014 or 2015 is required. Please note: donations to specific funds or line items (e.g., the Endowment, Faith in Our Future, memorial funds, or RE supplies) are not qualifying contributions. Additionally, such contributions must be received within a certain period prior to a given vote. Members who gave to the Society any time in the following intervals will be eligible to participate in each vote, respectively:

Date of vote:                 Contribution Made:  

01/25/15  (Budget)        12/26/13—12/26/14
02/01/15 (Facilities)       01/01/14—01/02/15

We understand that this seems more complicated than it ought to be. Generally, if you’ve made a financial gift to the Society’s general operating budget in the last year, you are eligible to vote. If you haven’t, we encourage you to do so before the cutoff dates listed above. If you have any questions about your own eligibility to vote, please contact Carol Throckmorton, Congregational Life Coordinator.                         -Chris Taylor, Secretary of the Board

SJCC- It’s the Season of Sharing!

At holiday time, there are many opportunities to help those in our community who are struggling. The Social Justice Coordinating Committee will have information about some of these available for the next few Sundays:
  • Circle of Friends: We’ll have information about the needs of our two immigrant families soon. This has previously included clothing, gift cards for groceries & gasoline, etc.
  • Project Holiday: We have information about how to help provide holiday dinner ingredients for those in need soon.
  • Elder Services: They provide a prepared holiday meal etc. for home-bound individuals. We have information on how to help with this.
Information about these opportunities and more will be at the Social Justice Table in Channing Hall during coffee hour on Sundays, November 23rd and 30th. Please stop by!