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Free Lunch Program Achieves Record in June 2024

By Bob Littlehale

On June 14th, a gorgeous day, we achieved a RECORD. Our incredible group served 152 guests

That’s correct. 152 meals were served! 

The meal of cheesy ham and hash brown potato casserole was donated by David Jepsen in memory of Mary Jepsen. Volunteers Frank Wildensee and Vicki Siefers developed the recipe.

Frank and Vicki were helped with preparing and delivering this record meal by: Bob Littlehale, Bonnie Penno, Paul Gilbert, Barb Haring, Dan Gall, Joy Thompson, Kezia Walker-Cecil, Carolyn Johnson, Theresa Ullerich, John Elson, Gare Calhoun, Gary Lawrenson, Joe Rasmussen, Janet McKee and Terri O’Berry. 

Many of the aforementioned volunteers also helped by providing ingredients. Other volunteers who contributed to the meal to the meal were Pete Brokaw, Laurie Cubit, Gay Mikelson, Sharon Booker, Star Wojciak, Judy Quinn and Ron Crawford.

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