Welcome Nic Kaplan, UUS’s New Director of Lifespan Religious Education

Nic Kaplan will begin as our new Director of Lifespan Religious Education on June 12th, 2022.

We are delighted to announce that UUS has hired Nic Kaplan to be our new Director of Lifespan Religious Education!

Nic will join us on June 12th. They come to us from Muncie, Indiana where they are the Coordinator of Youth Programming at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Muncie, as well as an elementary and middle school Our Whole Lives facilitator. Nic has worked with families and in various types of educational settings throughout their adult life and loves creating all ages events where everyone has a chance to learn from each other. Nic shares our passion for environmental, social, and racial justice, experiential learning, and developing communities of care and radical welcome.

The DLRE Search Team, which includes Rochelle Honey-Arcement, Alice Atkinson, Jason McGinnis, Marsha Cheney, and Rev. Diana Smith, is delighted to have found such a creative, vibrant, caring, skilled DLRE for our congregation. Here’s what some of the other members of the search team had to say about Nic:

Nic will bring deep knowledge and experience in a number of areas including, but not limited to, child development, disability, nature and sustainability, and human sexuality. Nic brings ideas about how to more fully utilize our beautiful property and ways to connect with nature, with each other and with the wider community.

– Rochelle Honey-Arcement

I am thrilled to have Nic as our new DLRE. They have a deep understanding of faith development and have demonstrated a level of creativity and innovation during the pandemic that will serve us well as we re-vision religious education at UUS. I’m especially excited about the ideas they have for expanding the use of our land and re-engaging families and youth in RE activities.”

– Marsha Cheney

“I’m looking forward to having Nic join our UUS staff as Director of Lifespan Religious Education.  Nic is bringing fresh and creative ideas that will continue to strengthen our religious education and family ministry programs with ways to extend our programs and provide welcoming experiences for families.”

– Alice Atkinson

“I think Nic will be a wonderful addition to the congregation.  They bring an enthusiasm and background that I believe will be welcomed by everyone.  I look forward to having them at UUS!”

Jason McGinnis

Nic is excited to be returning to Iowa after having spent some of their childhood in Ames. They grew up in college towns and are looking forward to living in such a vibrant community.  

Nic, their spouse, and their two children are all looking forward to relocating to the Iowa City area. They all look forward to exploring the natural areas and hope to begin fostering kittens for a local shelter (a more recent family hobby) as soon as possible. 

Nic will be joining us on Sunday, June 12th, and we’ll have a welcome event for them after the service. Anna Rode has graciously agreed to remain in her role as Religious Education Coordinator through June to help us have a good transition.

Please let Rev. Diana or the other members of the search team know if you have questions. And please join us in extending profound thanks to the search team members, who gave considerable time to making this search a success.