UUS Seeks Part-time Communications Coordinator

UUS is seeking a part-time Communications Coordinator. This person will support the mission and goals of UUS by responsibly promoting UUS and coordinating the overall communications of UUS with the public, as well as some internal communications, with the help of volunteers on the Publicity Team. The goal of UUS publicity is to effectively attract people to attend UUS Sunday services, programs, and events, and increase awareness of UUS and its values in the area.

If you or someone you know is qualified and interested in applying for this position, please apply by sending a resume, cover letter, and three references to Peggy Garrigues, Director of Congregational and Community Engagement (dcce@uusic.org).

We will begin to review applications on May 1st, with a job start date in late June or early July.

Communications Coordinator Job Description (download as a PDF)

Reports to: Director of Congregational and Community Engagement

Status: Part-time, average of 10 hours per week (usually between 5 and 15 hours per week)

Pay Rate: $17 to $20 based on experience, tracked and paid monthly

FLSA: Non-exempt

Effective: June 2022

Work Schedule

Average of 10 hours per week, varying from 5 hours per week to 15 hours per week depending on the communication needs each week. Exact schedule of work is flexible, with office computer available, or much work can be done from home on own computer.

Job Summary

The Communications Coordinator supports the mission and goals of the Unitarian Universalist Society (UUS) by responsibly promoting the Society and coordinating the overall external communications of UUS with the public, as well as some internal communications, with the help of volunteers on the Publicity Team. The goal of UUS publicity is to effectively attract people to attend UUS Sunday services, programs, and events, and increase awareness of UUS and its values in the area. The Communications Coordinator is expected the affirm the principles, values, and policies of UUS.

Essential Functions

  • Creating and implementing an overall communications and publicity strategy for UUS including:
    • Website content, design, and functionality
    • Social media presence
    • Press releases to appropriate outlets as needed for special news and events
    • Using graphic design skills to create attractive publicity in a variety of media
    • Developing publicity for print, direct mail, radio spots, online community calendars, sponsorships, and event programs as appropriate
    • Managing a library of photographs, and encouraging and planning for photography at UUS events
    • Proofing all external publications
    • Creating a presence at fairs or festivals as appropriate
    • Any other external or internal publicity needed for UUS special events that are deemed a priority by the Publicity Team or Director of Congregational and Community Engagement (DCCE)
  • Coordinating the work of the UUS Publicity Team and other volunteers
  • Coordinating overlapping work tasks with the Congregational Administrator and Administrative Assistant as needed
  • Overseeing and managing publicity budget and expenses
  • Creating and managing protocols, manuals, and supplementary materials relating to publicity
  • Actively seeking opportunities to promote UUS as a whole
  • Maintaining data on reach and effectiveness of publicity efforts
  • Preparing an annual report of significant publicity activities and events
  • Working at UUS as needed, on shared office computer with full Adobe suite, including Photoshop. But also welcome to work off-site on own computer, with remote access to Adobe tools.

Core Competencies

  • Mission Ownership: Demonstrates understanding and full support of the mission, vision, values and beliefs of UUS. Work professionally and in accordance with Unitarian Universalist Principles, the Society’s Mission and Vision statements, and the Society’s Policies and Bylaws.
  • Compassion and Care: Maintains high standards of confidentiality and discretion. Exudes a natural sense of care for the well-being of others; responds with empathy to the life circumstances of others; demonstrates appropriate and boundaried expressions of care. They will demonstrate the skills and temperament to provide a welcoming environment for the congregation and its visitors.
  • Publicity Skills and Creativity: Has experience creating a variety of effective publicity and communication products with graphic design and writing skills; is familiar with various approaches to website design and communication; has experience using social media effectively; able to create strategic plans for general organization and event-specific communication projects.
  • Interpersonal Skills: Demonstrates the ability to work with others and a participatory style for achieving goals. Engages in thoughtful listening; holds others accountable in a spirit of love. Demonstrates the ability to be self-motivated, as well as work in collaboration or at the direction of others. Productively engages and resolves interpersonal conflict; overcomes personal bias to hear the ideas and concerns of another; can describe the perspective of another, even when he/she/they disagrees. Able to accept constructive criticism. Interacts positively with visitors, attendees, members, church leadership, staff, and others.
  • Communication Skills: Is able to deliver a message clearly in a variety of settings; demonstrates communication styles appropriate to the situation at hand; adjusts the message, without losing the essence of the message, depending upon the circumstances and the listener. Is able to write clearly and succinctly; able to use computer programs relevant to the position (graphic design, word processing, email); able to provide communications in a timely manner.
  • Management Skills: Manages work time well without overworking; marshals resources (people, funding, materials) to get projects completed on time and successfully; keeps accurate records and a functional filing system; stewards financial and material resources carefully and intentionally.
  • Anti-Racism/Anti-Oppression Awareness and Skills: Knowing that this work is always in-progress, continually develops and maintains awareness of equity and inclusion; can apply a lens of power and privilege to issues that arise in their work with the congregation; demonstrates accountable engagement with diverse spiritual traditions and communities and is mindful of issues related to cultural misappropriation in their work with the congregation; ensures that processes and practices are adaptable to different needs, abilities, and ways of working, seeking support for this as appropriate. Practices personal stress reduction and spiritual growth work.


  • Strong communication skills
  • Graphic design experience, especially with Adobe tools or Canva
  • Familiarity with social media platforms, especially Facebook
  • Ability to take initiative and be self-directed
  • Good team player
  • Ability to encourage and supervise volunteers
  • Ability to manage several projects at once and prioritize
  • Ability to train, coordinate, and supervise volunteers
  • Strong interpersonal skills including clear communication, approachability, effective listening, and compassion
  • The ability to comfortably engage with members, friends, and visitors of all ages and identities

Additional desirable skills:

  • Web design and maintenance – we are hoping to redesign the website to be more interactive sometime in this coming year
  • Experience with Adobe suite of products, including Photoshop
  • Previous experience as a publicity or communications coordinator