• Stranger, Healer, Midwife, Fool: Companioning Families on a Spiritual Journey

    UUS Community Minister Rev. Lois Cole will explore how being a chaplain to children and their families at the University of Iowa Children’s Hospital brings lessons about the Spiritual Journey, and the nature of resilience and hope in the face of illness and loss. ... [Read More]

  • TBA

    Rev. Eller-Isaacs is co-minister at Unity Unitarian in St. Paul, Minnesota. On this day, she begins her work with UUS as Transitions Coach, helping the congregation, Board and Search Committee through the process of searching for a new minister. ... [Read More]

  • Wandering in the Wilderness

    The book of Exodus is a powerful metaphor for the transformation that can take place when wandering in the wilderness. Our fast-paced, goal-oriented society doesn’t allow much time for wandering. But maybe wandering is what it takes to find the Promised Land!

  • Tear Down the Walls

    Walls may make us feel safe and secure, but they also keep us separate and divided. Trust is built by risking vulnerability, letting our guard down enough to allow others in. With so much mistrust in our world today, what must we do to tear down walls of fear and build bridges of trust?

  • Sharing Our Memories Through Poetry

    Treat your mind, body and senses to memories. You are invited to bring a poem to share that speaks of memories of childhood, of loved ones, of favorite places, events or objects. Or even of lost memory.