Topic: Community of Trust

Tear Down the Walls

Walls may make us feel safe and secure, but they also keep us separate and divided. Trust is built by risking vulnerability, letting our guard down enough to allow others in. With so much mistrust in our world today, what must we do to tear down walls of fear and build bridges of trust? ... [Read More]

Keep on Crossing Borders

Participants from the June 2018 Guatemala service-learning trip will share their transformative experiences. Learn how their service and their stories touched hearts and changed lives. ... [Read More]

Trust Is at the Heart of Love

Both love and trust are matters of the soul. While love may make the world go ‘round, trust is what holds it together. Love draws us out of isolation and into relationship, satisfying our deepest yearnings for connection. Trust is what makes connection possible. ... [Read More]

This We Promise

A covenant is a sacred promise. As a non-creedal faith, Unitarian Universalism is held together not by belief but by covenant. Our promise to each other is that we will come together in mutual love and care to serve the larger, transcendent purposes of justice, hope, freedom, and truth. ... [Read More]