UUS Meeting Virtually Due to COVID-19

UUS is currently in Phase One (Building closed) of our COVID Reopening Plan. Sunday services are being streamed via Zoom at 10 a.m. Read more »

(Virtual Service) Compassion is the New Radicalism

In Eastern thought three poisons are named: Greed, Anger and Misperception; all three lead to individual and collective suffering. The antidote to suffering is compassion. To celebrate the environmental work of the United Nations, the Green Sanctuary Team invites Dr. Uday’s reflections on how the environmental crisis can be addressed by cultivating and practicing compassion towards the planet and all sentient beings. Click the service title or “Read more” for the link to the video stream. Read more »

(Virtual Service) From Poetry Springs Hope

UUS poets will bring us poetry to celebrate the end of a tumultuous 2020 and to look forward to a New Year and, we hope, a positive new era in our country. We will be reading some of our own poems plus the words of others. Our national Poet Laureate, Joy Harjo, says, “When we listen to poetry we begin to learn to listen to the soul, the soul of yourself, which is the soul of everyone else.” Click the service title or “Read more” for the video streaming link. Read more »