The Power of No

Sometimes we have to say “No.” Not only does saying “No” define our limits and boundaries, it unleashes the power of an authentic “Yes.” It takes listening to the still, small voice within; being true to our deepest convictions, principles, and values. We can then align our actions accordingly. Read more »

2020 Vision

To live with integrity starts with having a clear understanding of who we are, which is not an easy task. Today we’ll explore the various tools we use for self-reflection and self-awareness, striving for the clarity of 2020 inner vision so that we might live lives of greater integrity. A congregational meeting will follow the service at 11:15. Read more »

Annual Wassail Service

The secret to wassailing successfully is the ability to sing well. The UUS congregation is doing that, but the wassail makers have raised the bar, so we must outdo ourselves on three songs to be able to receive the wassail drink and treats. Read more »