Rev. Diane Dowgiert

Memory and Tradition

So many memories are made around holiday tables. On this Sunday before Thanksgiving, we will gather as an entire multigenerational community and make a ritual of setting the Thanksgiving table, inviting all of us to consider the many Thanksgiving tables we have in our lives—all those places where we slow down enough to appreciate the gifts of life and to give thanks. ... [Read More]

Remembering Our Roots

This year, the Edict of Torda is 450 years old, a decree that authorized local communities in eastern Hungary to elect their preachers. The clarion sound of that decree still rings through our UU congregations today with a continued call to religious tolerance and freedom of conscience. Here at UUS, that call is kept alive through a partnership with Unitarians in the village of Janosfalva, Transylvania, Romania. ... [Read More]

Stone By Stone

The oldest cathedrals in Europe took generations—sometimes even centuries—to build. The builders who faithfully laid each stone knew they would likely not see the finished product, and yet, they persevered. In our world of instant gratification, what lessons can we take from the cathedral builders of old? ... [Read More]

Nade Te Turbe, Nothing Can Frighten

We gather as a multi-generational community to explore the depths of mystery that surround the reality of death. In the spirit of the day, we welcome people to come in Halloween costumes and to bring photos and mementos of loved ones who have gone before. ... [Read More]

Lengthening Cords and Strengthening Stakes

Augusta Chapin and Eleanor Gordon were part of “The Iowa Sisterhood,” a group of women ordained to Unitarian and Universalist ministries in the 1800’s to serve struggling congregations in the prairies of the American frontier. Their imprint on UUS is still visible today. ... [Read More]