Rev. Diane Dowgiert

  • White Lies

    The Rev. James Reeb, a Unitarian Universalist minister, was murdered in 1965 in Selma, Alabama. He was there to march with the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Reeb’s murder has never been solved. No one has been held accountable. The story of that day and what has happened since reveals the ways racism and white privilege are upheld by looking away and denying the truth.

  • Love Resists

    Love is a source of resilience. It nourishes us through times of challenge and adversity. It calls us to resist that which diminishes love: hatred, violence, and oppression in all its forms. Today we’ll look at how acts of resistance can be an embodiment of love.

  • On Being an Elder

    Traditionally, elders are keepers of wisdom and leaders through times of change. They are keepers of stories that hold communities and society together, providing a sense of identity. Elderhood is not necessarily tied to age but to qualities of character such as courage and resilience. How do we, no matter our age, act as elders, passing on our wisdom and stories to the next generation of Unitarian Universalists?

  • Defying Hatred

    Waitstill and Martha Sharp were called to put their Unitarian beliefs and values into action by assisting Jewish war refugees during World War II. What can we learn from their example today?

  • The Power of No

    Sometimes we have to say “No.” Not only does saying “No” define our limits and boundaries, it unleashes the power of an authentic “Yes.” It takes listening to the still, small voice within; being true to our deepest convictions, principles, and values. We can then align our actions accordingly.