Rev. Diane Dowgiert

  • Coming Back to Life

    This year, the celebrations of Earth Day and Easter coincide. We’ll gather as an entire multigenerational community to explore the meaning of resurrection in a UU context. In what ways are we coming to life again this Spring? Learn more

  • Keepers of Light

    Many windows, one light is a metaphor often used to describe Unitarian Universalism. In other words, it takes all of us together to see the whole. Today, we will consider what it means to be keepers of the light of Unitarian Universalism. Learn more

  • Finding Grace in a Broken World

    Through sharing personal experiences with grace, Rev. Dowgiert will reflect on the role grace plays in our ability to see wholeness even in the midst of brokenness. Learn more

  • Wandering in the Wilderness

    The book of Exodus is a powerful metaphor for the transformation that can take place when wandering in the wilderness. Our fast-paced, goal-oriented society doesn’t allow much time for wandering. But maybe wandering is what it takes to find the Promised Land!

  • Tear Down the Walls

    Walls may make us feel safe and secure, but they also keep us separate and divided. Trust is built by risking vulnerability, letting our guard down enough to allow others in. With so much mistrust in our world today, what must we do to tear down walls of fear and build bridges of trust?