Rev. Diane Dowgiert

  • Day of Remembrance

    We will gather as an entire multigenerational community to remember loved ones who have gone before. You are invited to bring a photo or memento of someone you wish to remember on this day. Together we will create an altar of memory. Learn more

  • Reaching Beyond Borders

    We will hear stories of UUS members who recently traveled to the border between Texas and Mexico to give aid to those who have been uprooted from their homelands due to violence and climate catastrophe. How are we called to respond to the exiles at our border?

  • What it Means to Belong

    We all long for a place where we are welcome, a place where we fit, a place where we belong. But belonging is a verb—it takes active participation to nourish, expand, and sustain a community. What are the ways each one of us is called to nourish the beloved community that is UUS?

  • Keepin’ It Real

    Experts who study happiness find that we are unhappy when our expectations exceed reality. In other words, keeping expectations realistic is key to happiness. What might this mean during a ministerial search? Rev. Diane will offer her perspective as a minister. Learn more

  • Great Expectations

    There is power in holding high expectations, even when they seem impossible. By striving toward aspirations, we call out the best of who we are. Sometimes our expectations, of ourselves and for others, are unconsciously held. Today we’ll look at how expectations can be used to make a better world.