Rev. Diane Dowgiert

Christmas Blessings (Christmas Eve Evening Services)

Christmas comes with blessings of joy and celebration, mystery and imagination, poetry and legend, birth and new life. These gifts call us to bless the world with a renewed commitment to visions of peace and justice for all. What will you do with your Christmas Blessings?

The 5:30 pm Christmas Eve service is family-friendly with a lively spirit. The 7 pm service is more quiet and contemplative. ... [Read More]

The Miracle of Light

As the approaching winter spreads its blanket of darkness over us, as days grow shorter and nights grow longer, when natural light is in limited supply, we tell stories that celebrate the miracle of the returning light. This intergenerational service weaves together stories from Christian, Pagan, and Native American traditions, and our own Unitarian Universalism. Join us as we kindle the holiday lights of faith, hope, and love. ... [Read More]

Unknown and Unknowable

Using the Buddhist concept of the “Unknowables,” we’ll consider some of the unknowns that make the holidays a difficult time for many. Why are we born or adopted into our particular family of origin? Why do the people we love have to die? Why do bad things happen to good people? How do we live with the reality of pain and loss in a season devoted to love and joy? ... [Read More]

Mystery & Mysticism

In his book Seven Types of Atheism, author John Gray writes, “A godless world is as mysterious as one suffused with divinity, and the difference between the two may be less than you think.” Today we’ll explore mysticism as a form of spirituality, one that is rooted in the first of our six Unitarian Universalist sources that our living tradition draws from: direct experience of transcending mystery and wonder. ... [Read More]

Memory and Tradition

So many memories are made around holiday tables. On this Sunday before Thanksgiving, we will gather as an entire multigenerational community and make a ritual of setting the Thanksgiving table, inviting all of us to consider the many Thanksgiving tables we have in our lives—all those places where we slow down enough to appreciate the gifts of life and to give thanks. ... [Read More]