Rev. Diane Dowgiert

  • Rise

    Passover and Easter coincide this year. We will gather on this Easter Sunday to tell stories of how those who came before faced hardship and death, how they made meaning and found purpose, how they rose to meet every challenge, and how they kept hope alive. Join this virtual service from your computer or phone.

  • (Virtual Service) Beginner’s Mind

    To approach life with a sense of openness, eagerness, and adventure is to have beginner’s mind, a clean slate, a state of innocence where everything is new and pure—full of possibilities. We all come into this life with a beginner’s mind. As we learn and accumulate experiences, the mind begins to take over, recalling memories, creating expectations and fears—limiting possibilities. Is there wisdom in cultivating a beginner’s mind?

  • (Virtual Service) Unconventional Wisdom

    Click for a link to join this service via Zoom.

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  • (Virtual Service) Wise Choices/Compassionate Choices

    Too often, as the end of life draws near, there is a diminishing of freedom and a narrowing of choice. When so many decisions are driven by the medical system and state laws, what can we do now to increase the likelihood of a compassionate end for ourselves and our loved ones? (click to find a link to join the Zoom service)

  • The Wisdom of Leaving Things Undone

    In our achievement-oriented culture, there is a drive to accomplishment and getting things done. There may be a spiritual cost to this orientation to life. Today we’ll consider wisdom from the Chinese philosopher Lin Yutang who said, “Besides the noble art of getting things done, there is the noble art of leaving things undone.”