Kirk Witzberger

  • Response-Ability: Wisdom & Contradictions in Joining The Movement

    The racial justice movement has accelerated with new energy in 2020, and it asks each of us to become aware of our role, our privilege, our shortcomings, our conflicts, and our challenges. Today’s service will explore the contradictions we’ll face, the wisdom we’ll need to address them, and how deep “response-ability” is called for.

  • On Becoming Allies and Antiracists

    In this worship sermon, Kirk Witzberger explores the current racial justice protests and movements that merit attention, and reflects on his own process for becoming a more effective antiracist.

  • Spiritual Journeys

    One of Unitarian Universalism's guiding principles is the free and responsible search for truth and meaning. Many of us started our spiritual journies in other, or no, faith communities and struggled to find ourselves in this community. Three lay members will share their spiritual journeys and the wisdom they've picked up along the way.