When Someone Told Me I Live in a Fantasy Land, I Nearly Fell Off of my Unicorn

Earle Canfield used to see the glass as half empty. After his wife died of cancer and he was left with an 8-year-old girl to raise, the glass slowly began to fill as he began serving others, working in homeless clinics, volunteering, and educating children in Nepal. It wasn’t until he began practicing Happiness last year that the glass began running over. He created a Fantasy Land, a new reality in which he simply tried to make others smile, and Voila! He discovered that he was constantly making himself happy as well. You gotta see his unicorn!

Earle Canfield is the Founder and Executive Director of the American-Nepali Students’ and Women’s Educational Relief (ANSWER), a non-profit supported by dozens of UU congregations (including UUS) in the United States, which has helped more than 1,500 low-caste, disadvantaged Nepali students get an education. ANSWER very directly, through education and modeling Happiness & the 7 principles is melding these young people into leaders to help reform a nation rife with corruption, caste oppression, wealth disparity, and male dominance. After the service Earle will lead a forum on “Using the 7 UU Principles in Educating Children in Nepal.”