(Virtual Service)Listening to Our Inner Wisdom and Courageously Living Out Our Values

UUS is just completing our third year of involvement with the UU Wellspring program for spiritual deepening. First-year participants have been studying our Six Sources of Living Tradition and learning about a wide variety of spiritual practices. Continuing participants have been learning about actions to live out our values through relationships, daily actions, peacemaking, and social justice. Peggy Garrigues and several UU Wellspring participants will share learnings from this past year.

On months with five Sundays, the Social Justice Team selects a special organization or need to receive the extra week’s offering donations. The special collection in May will be taken on Sunday the 30th and will support the UUS Immigration Action Team, which works to support immigrant needs locally and at the border. Since that Sunday is during Memorial Day Weekend, contributions can be made online at onrealm.org/uusic/give/SJOffering or sent to the office anytime during the month (write checks to UUS with 5th Sunday offering on the memo line).

UUS invites you to join this service using Zoom Meeting:

The meeting will open at 9:50 am and the service begins at 10. A breakout session for visitors is available afterward, along with small group social time.