(Virtual Service) Burning Bowl

The Burning Bowl service is an opportunity to release the past year and find hope as we enter the next.

If you would like to participate in the ritual from home, you will need a bowl of water, a scrap of paper and something to write on it with (we will be dissolving the paper in the water), a candle or equivalent (any source of light can represent the internal light we rely on for guidance).

The holiday kit many of you received from UUS has the dissolving paper and the Christmas Eve kit includes candles. Single persons received an extra candle to use, and families should have plenty of candle left to use again, but any candle/light and normal paper will work as well.

All are welcome to participate in the ritual virtually through service leader and UUS member Dan Gall if you don’t want to perform the actions yourself.

UUS invites you to join this service using Zoom Meeting:

The meeting will open at 9:50 am and the service begins at 10. A breakout session for visitors is available afterward, along with small group social time.

Our community partner for January is the Abbe Center for Community Mental Health. Make an online offering donation.