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Ron Wright

Ron Wright headshot

The Building Steward is responsible for general maintenance of the UUS facilities. Ron’s duties include removing winter snow from sidewalks and seven solar panels, changing air filters for the building’s heating and ventilation system, descaling the dishwasher every month, cleaning and sanitizing the ice machine twice a year, and polishing the stainless steel throughout the building.

Ron grew up in Iowa and lived on working farms until he was 16. He began working at restaurants, primarily as a line cook and chef, when he was 20 years old. He moved to Phoenix where he continued his culinary career, working in fine dining establishments as well as fast food and pizza shops until he was 35.

At this point he returned to Iowa where he is remained ever since. Having lived on working farms, where improvising on-the-spot repairs is often necessary, has served Ron by teaching him the mechanics of working systems and what it takes to keep them operating. His restaurant experience comes in handy considering that our building has a commercial kitchen and restaurant grade appliances. 

In his spare time, Ron enjoys biking trips on the Katy Trail and hosting dinners with friends.