Covid-19 Info & Updates

Services are multiplatform (with both in-person and virtual participation available). Masks are required inside when in shared spaces. Masks are not required for small/medium groups who have come to a covenantal agreement. Click to learn more about our Gathering Plan and the overall UUS COVID response. Read more »

Our UU principles call on us to affirm and promote the inherent worth and dignity of every person, and to practice compassion in human relations. One way we do this is through our Pastoral Care Team and UniCare.

Through the work of these two groups, we:

  • Provide a caring presence through visits, calls, and other contacts that allow us to listen, accept, comfort, and support one another.
  • Receive requests for care, from the person themselves, or from concerned others.
  • Talk with members of our beloved community to learn about members and friends who may have concerns.
  • Maintain a Rehab Equipment Database to link people with equipment — walkers, canes, and other aids — that they may borrow.
  • Coordinate responses to requests and concerns.

Who do I contact if I need Pastoral Care services?

If you need pastoral care services, please contact our minister by email at or by phone at 319-337-3443 ext. 102. If you phone after hours, please leave a message.

What does the Pastoral Care Team do?

Please contact your minister or the office if you are in need of confidential pastoral care. In the event of a pastoral care emergency, such as a death or hospitalization, please contact Rev. Diana Smith directly on her cell phone, (319) 541-4330, at any time.

A team of pastoral care volunteers helps the minister in this important ministry. Team members collaborate with families and friends to support and supplement their caring presence. The goal of the Pastoral Care Team is to provide a ministry of caring, connection, and hope, so that no one who is part of our congregation feels isolated or alone. Members of the Pastoral Care Team:

  • Support family and friends who are caregivers
  • Visit or call members and friends
  • Send cards
  • Provide information resources
  • Activate Uni-Care assistance when requested

When should you call us?
Call us for assistance when you or a member or friend of UUS:

  • Is seriously ill or convalescing
  • Has lost a family member
  • Is confined, temporarily or for a longer time, at home, in the hospital,
    or in a care facility

How can you contact us?
To arrange have a Pastoral Care Team member contact you or activate Uni-Care services:

  • Call the UUS office at 337-3443. If you need phone after hours, please leave message.
  • E-mail:

What is Uni-Care?

Uni-Care is a program that assists the Pastoral Care Team by providing:

  • Meal preparation and delivery
  • Transportation to meet personal needs, such as travel to doctor’s appointments or running errands
  • Support following the arrival of a new baby
  • Memorial service receptions, including ushering for the memorial service, and refreshments afterwards

What is the Rehab Equipment Database?

Need to borrow a walker, cane, or other equipment to help with the recuperation of you or someone you care about? We maintain a Rehab Equipment Database of equipment that can be borrowed from other UUS members and friends, and may have just what you need. To learn more:

  • Call the UUS office at 337-3443. If you phone after hours, please leave message.
  • E-mail:

How can I volunteer for the Pastoral Care Team or UniCare?

To learn more about the Pastoral Care Team or UniCare, or to volunteer to help, please contact: