UUS Closed Due to COVID-19

UUS will be closed until at least Sunday, April 12th, as a preemptive measure against COVID-19. In the interim, Sunday services will be streamed via Zoom at 10 am. Read more »

The Publicity Committee (PC) works to promote UUS’s events, activities, and milestones to the wider community. 

We invite neighbors and friends to visit for concerts, workshops, community meals, or Sunday services. We also share what makes UUS unique with local media outlets and national Unitarian Universalist organizations, such as the opening of our new, green building.

Led by the Director of Congregational Life and the Publicity Coordinator, our members manage the website and social media accounts, coordinate and design UUS advertising and branding, and communicate with local, regional, and national press.

Working with the committee

Based on our responsibility of promoting UUS to those who may not be familiar with us, we prioritize community-wide activities when allocating committee resources. Special events, such as film screenings or guest speakers, are great opportunities for partnering with other community organizations and sparking someone’s interest in our other activities. The PC is especially interested in supporting events that appeal to the broader Iowa City community. Regularly occurring events, or those whose primary audience are other UUS members, may be given other suggestions for publicity and promotion.

All committee support is dependent upon the availability of committee resources, including staff and volunteer time. If you would like help promoting an upcoming event, please contact the committee as early as possible, but at least 8 weeks in advance. Below is a list of ways the PC may be able to help your group or committee.

Publicity services

  • Event promotion (website, Facebook, community calendars)
  • Graphic design (posters, social media posts, brochures)
  • Advertising strategy, placement (online, local print, Iowa Public Radio)
  • Written content for articles and press releases

If you would like to request support from the Publicity Committee in promoting an upcoming event or community action, please use the form below. For any questions about the Publicity Committee, such as special projects or how to become a member, please email publicity@uusic.org.