Covid-19 Info & Updates

Services are multiplatform (with both in-person and virtual participation available). Masks are required inside when in shared spaces. Masks are not required for small/medium groups who have come to a covenantal agreement. Click to learn more about our Gathering Plan and the overall UUS COVID response. Read more »

Non-member events

The resources on this page are aimed at UUS members who are organizing events on behalf of groups sponsored by the church. If you are not a UUS member and are looking for a space to host an event for yourself or your organization, please refer to our Weddings & Facility Use page.


Has your event been scheduled on the main congregational calendar? UUSIC’s administrator maintains a full calendar of all UU-related events, even those taking place off-site or for closed groups. This calendar helps avoid double booking meeting space, lets groups see if there are any other events that might conflict with people attending their event, and allows the office to collect data on the number and frequency of UUSIC activities.

Check the Congregational Calendar for any conflicting events and to ensure your chosen location is available. Then alert the office of all upcoming events and meetings. Details to send include date, time, location, and contact information. If the event is public please also include a brief description. If you would like the office to take RSVPs for your event, please alert the office prior to scheduling it.


All events and meetings will be published on the Congregational Calendar.

Public events and meetings by joinable groups will be published on the Upcoming Events Calendar, as well as in any relevant upcoming publications (Weekly Emails, Orders of Service, monthly issues of the UU News, and on social media, as appropriate). The office may edit your description for length and formatting compliance. In order to ensure your event makes it into a publication, please send event info/descriptions to the office by noon on Wednesdays (for the Weekly Email and Order of Service) and by noon on the specified monthly deadline for the newsletter (deadline can be found on the Congregational Calendar).

Requests for additional publicity, such as assistance in designing materials or advertising events to the general public, should be directed to the Publicity Committee.


All UUSIC groups and committees have a profile in Realm. Regardless of whether or not you use your profile to share resources or communications, you should be tracking your membership and attendance at events. This information will be essential for recognizing volunteers and tracking member-specific and general congregational engagement. Find information on how to add members, set up events, and track attendance here, or call the office for more guidance.

Alert the office of any Registration Events (events open to the whole congregation or general public which require an RSVP or ticket purchase), as the office will need to set up and track Registrants.

Policy compliance?

Please consult the committee-related-policies to ensure your event (and committee as a whole) is in compliance with UUSIC policy and guidelines. Of particular importance are:

Childcare policy

Would you like to provide childcare at your event to encourage parents to attend? If so, our Nursery Manager will help arrange it with a minimum of TWO WEEK notice.  You can complete and submit the online form here for top expediency, or print and fill out this printable form and give a copy of the to the Nursery Supervisor, Trudy Gullette ( You may want to reference the Childcare Request Policy for the full policy, types of events childcare is provided for and accompanying procedures. If you have questions, the Nursery Supervisor or DLRE are happy to help.

Fundraising policy

Will your event include a fundraiser? Passing the hat for a musical performance? Raising funds for a social justice cause? Selling chocolate bars to fund a youth trip? Be sure to read the Fundraising Policy to ensure compliance and fill out the Fundraising Event Request Form and return it to the office at least 30 days ahead of the event.

Alcohol policy

Would you like to serve alcoholic beverages at your event? Read the policy and use this linked Google form to notify the office about upcoming events with alcoholic beverages.