We invite you to join with us in living out our Unitarian Universalist principles to treat others with respect and dignity, work for justice, and respect the interdependent web of life of which we are a part.

LGBTQ support

UUS has long supported civil rights for members of the LGBTQ community. In 1997 the congregation voted unanimously to become a Welcoming Congregation and an LGBTQ support group, Interweave, was formed.

More recently, dozens of same-sex ceremonies have been performed in our sanctuary since marriage equality was established in Iowa, congregation members turn out in strong numbers each year at the annual Pride celebration, and we continue to educate ourselves and others about LGBTQ issues.

Social justice outreach & education

Congregation members provide direct assistance to the community in a variety of ways, which include serving meals through the Free Lunch Program, supporting immigrant families with basic needs, and contributing many hours of labor during Days of Service. We are also involved in efforts to educate ourselves and others about issues of concern, including racial justice, immigrant and refugee rights, and issues related to wealth disparities.

Financial support for community partners

Each week our Sunday service cash offerings and designated checks are donated to a community partner organization. We support a single partner for an entire month, and in months with a fifth Sunday we contribute to a special project, such as support for our partner church in Romania or funds to assist protesters at the Dakota Access Pipeline. In addition, our Social Justice Action committee responds to many ad hoc requests for community assistance via the Social Justice Action Fund.

Green initiatives

The most obvious manifestation of the congregation’s commitment to environmental stewardship is our new home, which was designed to be a model of sustainable building techniques, surrounded by woodlands, gardens, play areas, and meditative spaces.

This effort was the outgrowth of work done by our Green Sanctuary Committee, which has helped encourage personal lifestyle changes by congregation members, as well as advocating more broadly for action on climate change and related issues. Congregation members have also made several service trips to Guatemala to assist with the Chico Mendes reforestation project.