Book Discussion Group

Join in a freewheeling discussion of books. Anyone who likes to read is invited to participate. Attendees choose the books at the beginning of the year. Meetings are held from September through May. Meets monthly on second Monday at Oaknoll, 7:30 p.m. Contact: Mary Lou Welter, 354-1231

Buddhist Sangha

The UU Buddhist Sangha is a community of people that gathers weekly to explore contemporary Buddhist practice and teachings in the context of Unitarian Universalist principles and for meditation. Meets each Monday at Oaknoll, 7 p.m. Contact: Cindy Spading,, 624-2174

Covenant Groups

Small groups of 8-12 people meet monthly for discussions that foster the emotional, intellectual, and spiritual growth of members, deepen relationships among them, and create a greater sense of connection and belonging to the UUSIC community as a whole. Varying dates & locations. Contact: Jan Locher,, 354-6260

Covenant of UU Pagans (CUUPs)

The Owl Moon CUUPS group is a community of people that gathers to celebrate earth-centered traditions. It is a part of the larger UU tradition and brings awareness to the greater pagan community. Varying dates & locations. Contact: Marsha Cheyney,, 321-2307

Dances of Universal Peace

Participants gather for chanting and simple folk dance movements honoring various religious traditions. These prayerful, heart-opening dances foster connections between people. No experience needed. Meets monthly on 4th Sunday in the RE Commons at 3 p.m. Contact: Virginia Melroy,, 338-1778


Kiirtan is a combination of music and spiritual practice—it is the chanting or singing of a certain phrase that is charged with meaning. It is a wonderful prelude for meditation and a good practice in its own right. Varying dates & locations. Contact: Andy Douglas,, 351-0828

Secular Humanists

UUSIC members, friends and visitors who variously identify themselves as religious humanists, secular humanists, freethinkers, agnostics, atheists, and skeptics, gather for a “free and responsible search for truth and meaning.” Meets monthly 3rd Tuesday at Old Brick, 7 p.m. Contact: Mark Yuskis,, 321-2296