Dinners for Eight

Several times a year, on the first Saturday of the month, we offer an opportunity for casual conversation over a potluck dinner in people’s homes. Members and friends, singles and couples are invited to sign up to be part of a dinner. Hosts provide the main dish, and guests fill in the side dishes and dessert. Enjoy getting to know people you may not have had conversation with previously. Contact: Joe Rasmussen, gdtrfb@southslope.net, (319) 624-4090

Girls’ Night Out

Women in the UUS community gather to enjoy fellowship and food. This is an opportunity to get together with current friends and to make new ones. Varying dates and locations, 5:15 p.m. Contacts: Anna Rode, abcphoto@hotmail.com, (520) 979-8404, and Jamie Sharp, cjgo05@hotmail.com, (319) 351-3639

Scrabble Group

Scrabble aficionados gather to enjoy fulfilling games of word play. Everyone is welcome regardless of skill level. Meets monthly 3rd Thursday in the Walnut Room, 1:30 p.m. Contact: Gary Lawrenson, glawrenson@mchsi.com, 936-1291

Vegetarian Community

Vegetarians, vegans, and anyone interested in exploring a plant-based lifestyle meet for dining out adventures and potlucks, exploring the connection between lifestyle choices and health, environment and animal welfare. Meets monthly at varying times and locations Contact: Carol Throckmorton, carolthrockmorton108@msn.com, 337-3030