Building & Grounds Committee

This committee coordinates the ongoing care of the buildings and grounds, which includes painting, window washing, general repairs, carpet cleaning, and mowing and snow removal. 

Historical Records

This committee collects, preserves, and organizes historical materials for both traditional and digital archives. Information about UU heritage is shared through newsletter articles, exhibits, and occasional special events.

Land Ministry

The Land Ministry Committee prepares and implements a plan for use of our new property. Subcommittees look at the following areas: edible landscape & garden, woodland & trail Management, landscape right around the building, outdoor play & recreation, worship & meditative spaces, education & outreach.

Publicity Committee

The Publicity Committee of UUS promotes and facilitates effective communication within the Society and between UUSIC and the wider community, in accordance with the Society’s mission and principles. Varying dates & locations. The committee seeks volunteers with skills in web maintenance, social media management, graphic design, photography, marketing, project management, and writing/editing for a variety of long-term or project-specific tasks. Learn more about how the Publicity Committee can support your upcoming event, committee, or group.

Stewardship Committee

This committee plans and implements events for the annual fall budget drive that invites members and friends to make a financial pledge to the UUSIC’s operating budget.

Treats & Talents Auction Committee

Each year, members and friends donate goods, services, and special events to be auctioned off to other members and friends to raise money for the operating budget and to support our social justice mission.  In recent years, between $15,000 and $24,000 has been raised.  The auction is designed first and foremost to be a community-building, fun-filled event, as well as a fundraiser.