Our members support a wide range of activities that provide opportunities to develop spiritually, serve the community, build relationships, and support the needs of the congregation. Newcomers and new groups are always welcome.

Unitarian Universalist Society Evening With Walt Whitman

Groups that nurture mind & spirit

Groups meet regularly to explore various spiritual practices and worldviews, such as Buddhism, Secular Humanism, and Paganism. You might also join a covenant group or book discussion group to learn and share in community with a broader range of seekers, or participate in a class or forum on a rich array of timely topics. Learn more

Community service & social justice groups

A number of groups work within and beyond the congregation to address issues such as LGBTQ rights, racial justice, climate change, income inequality, and services for those with special needs. Learn more

Groups & programs for shared interests & activities

Several groups offer a low-commitment way to meet others and enjoy good company while sharing a meal (vegetarian or otherwise) or having fun around a common interest. Learn more

Member & worship support groups

You might choose to help make Sunday more vibrant by singing in the choir, assisting with worship, or welcoming new members. Or you might assist others in times of need, or find support for your own grieving process. Learn more

Institutional support groups

You can also support the congregation by enhancing our wonderful building and grounds, sustaining our finances, or developing publicity materials. Learn more