2022 Stewardship Campaign

The 2022 Stewardship Campaign to support our operating budget kicks off on Sunday, September 26th, 2021. Our pledge goal is $420,000, which will ensure that we have the financial resources needed to support our programs that reflect our mission and vision. Campaign packets with a pledge brochure, pledge card, and instructions were sent to all members and friends the week of September 20th. Read the full brochure here (PDF).

Make a Pledge now!

You can also send in your pledge form from the stewardship packet, or contact the office (admin@uusic.org or 319-337-3443).

If you are a first-time donor or someone who has given in the past but not in 2020, an anonymous donor is matching up to $5,000 for pledges like yours!

if you cannot or do not wish to make a pledge this year and would like to be removed from follow-up communications by the campaign, contact the office. If you cannot pledge due to financial strain and would like to request a waiver to maintain your membership status, contact the minister (minster@uusic.org).

Please plan to join us for our Celebration of Commitment on Sunday, October 17th, where we will announce our 2022 Stewardship Campaign success.

Message from the Stewardship Team

With this year’s campaign, the Stewardship Committee hopes to heighten commitment and collect pledges needed to enrich our shared community. Financial contributions pledged now, and collected throughout 2022, support our UUS mission, vision, and programming, including:

  • Religious Education
  • Membership Outreach
  • Social Justice
  • Music
  • Administrative Support
  • Ministerial Support

The UUS community relies on the pledge you make on or before October 17th to finalize the budget for 2022 and plan for the programming, staff, materials, and facilities that can be the catalyst for engagement, shared spirit, outreach, and education in 2022.

Our 2022 Stewardship Campaign goal is $420,000, which is still below our pre-pandemic pledge level. Collectively, we can accomplish our 2022 campaign goal with a 10% increase over last year’s pledges. Please give as you can. We are asking everyone to stretch your giving as we move forward.

We know and understand that these times have been challenging and may continue to be. Some of you will be able to give more but some may not. We all share not only our financial support, but also our time and talents with UUS. Together we make a difference!

Make a Pledge now!

How to Pay Your Pledge

Once you’ve made your pledge, you can pay it in many ways, but the easiest way is by setting up a online bank account or credit card payment through Realm! Click here to set up a one time or recurring donation towards our operating budget. Payments will automatically be applied to your pledge on record. (UUS incurs a fee for credit/debit card donations and recommends you accept the additional 3% charge to cover processing fees if you choose to pay this way.)

You can also send checks/cash to the office or set up a stock or IRA transfer.

(Did you know that anyone over the age of 70 and a half with an IRA can write off charitable donations of IRA income up to $100,000 per year and still take the standard deduction? Click here to learn more).

However you pay, we will record your donations in Realm so you can track your giving and pledge fulfillment status whenever you’d like! We also send annual tax statements, as well as occasional mid-year statements.

Message from the Minister

This congregation is a special place-one marked by compassion, creativity, thoughtfulness, engagement, and Love. Throughout an extremely challenging year and a half, UUS has remained a place where we welcome and support each other in the radical, challenging work of living into our deepest values and transforming ourselves and the world in the spirit of Love.

While we don’t know what this year will bring, we do know that this spirit will be here and be needed. We know that we will continue to grow, to deepen, to transform. We know that we will continue engaging with one another and with the wider world with love and justice. And we know that it is crucial that this congregation remains a loving, strong presence for both those of us who are already here and for the next person, looking for a place where they will be welcomed and included for all of who they are, who comes through our doors or begins to engage with us online.

While we often think of our congregation in terms of programming that deepens spiritual development, supports members through ups and downs and life passages, and engages with justice, our stewardship season is an opportunity to reflect, on how we co-create our congregation. Because the fact is that this congregation is solely supported by its members and friends. The ability for this congregation to flourish depends on how we commit to it.

What we do, each of us alone and all of us together, with our resources is one of the truest ways that we express our values. Our annual stewardship campaign is a time to reflect on what we value, what this congregation means in our own lives and for the wider community, and what it means to support this congregation. As you engage with this year’s campaign, I encourage you to reflect on how your pledge can support your spiritual development and be an investment in the future of this congregation we love.

Blessed be, Rev. Diana Smith

Community Pride

When we first stepped into a UUS service, we really didn’t know what to expect. We had exposure to religion as children, but it had been a long time since either of us had been in a church building for anything other than voting or a wedding. In the nearly four years since we walked into that first service, we have been inspired by different pieces of our experiences.

Some days it’s a thought-provoking reading or sermon that we continue discussing during our Sunday lunch or throughout our week. Sometimes it’s the pride in knowing that whatever local protest or demonstration or letter to the editor comes to our attention, we know a UU is involved, even when it can’t be us. Sometimes it’s the great discussions within a covenant group or committee meeting, or the magic of creating music in a room with incredible acoustics. Sometimes it’s the challenge of considering and living up to the seven principles in our daily lives. Often it’s generosity, like a warm meal or a handmade gift as we welcomed our daughter, Edie, into the world–or when we screw up the punch recipe and no one says a word against it.

We’re looking forward to raising Edie in this warm, challenging, generous community for both the big picture–what she’ll learn about the world and how–but also the little picture–the more personal interactions we have that always leave us with a fuller cup. We hope to contribute to that community in any way we can.

Emily Johnson, Ian Cawley, & Edie