Welcoming the Light

Victoria Safford writes: “At this time of year, during these darkening days, every ancient story that we have ever told from the solstice fire, to the lights of the menorah, to the advent candles—whispers the same message: ‘The light will return, but you must go out and meet it.’” We will gather as a community … Continued

The Bestest Christmas Pageant Ever

Have you always wanted to be an angel or a shepherd? Or maybe a shining star or a wise person? Whoever you want to be, there’s a place for you in the Christmas story. As a community of all ages, we will create our very own version of the Christmas story as we present the … Continued

Candlelight Service: “Welcome Christmas” (4 pm)

Max Coots says, “just when we need it most, Christmas comes once again.” This year, in a world torn by war and violence and fear, we need Christmas and its promises of peace and hope. As we welcome Christmas once again, we will tell stories and sing songs about the birth of Jesus of Nazareth … Continued

On the Brink of Everything

Parker Palmer writes: “I stand on the brink of everything. I’m old enough to know that the world can delight me, so my expectation is not of the world but of myself: Delight in the gift of life and be grateful.” As we bid the old year farewell and we stand on the brink of … Continued