Rev. Steven Protzman

The Real Gay Agenda

As we celebrate Pride Sunday, the real gay agenda will be revealed and with it, Unitarian Universalism’s agenda to promote the inherent worth and dignity of every person and continue our work to create a world free from bigotry and hatred. ... [Read More]

Fulfilling the Vision Divine

As we gather to do the work of this covenanted community, through worship and our annual meeting (at 11 am), we will reflect on how UUS has been living out our mission and remind ourselves of the ancient and eternal vision for the Beloved Community. ... [Read More]

Good for Nothing

Rev. Lynn Ungar asks: “Isn’t it better … to be ‘good for nothing,’ … without hope of reward or punishment other than the pleasure of doing what is right [&] kind?” As we welcome new members, we’ll look at how the UU theology of goodness emerged and how it informs our moral and ethical lives. ... [Read More]