New Facilities Committee (NFC)

Construction update: Good news! The work on the roof has finally begun and is progressing nicely. It is a big roof, and there are three “layers” to it, so there is still a lot to do. If the weather cooperates and there are no surprises, the roof could be done in early June. The concrete floor of the sanctuary and fellowship hall was poured in early May and is being protected by heavy plastic while the roof is being finished. The framing for the kitchen and pantry has begun. Inside work has continued on the “low side.” The drywall has been installed and is being prepared for priming.

The concrete on the east side (fellowship side) of the building and on the north side of the building was poured in early May. This area will serve as access for the fire trucks and as well for the outdoor patio. The patio area will have a color stain applied to make it more attractive for events that will be outside in that space. The concrete circle drive and parking area for the building was poured the third week of May. Once the concrete work is complete, work can begin on the bio-retention cells.

The windows and the exterior siding on the west side of the building have been installed. What a difference having the siding and windows makes!

The trees on the north side of the driveway and garage were removed the third week in May. This is the site for one of the solar arrays and the new driveway. Removing the trees now will allow more space for the construction crew to work as the area is prepared for the driveway and solar array.

It is still difficult to determine when the building will be ready for occupancy. We are hopefully still looking at a late August or early September temporary occupancy permit, but it is hard to predict. A lot depends on the weather. Best-case scenario would be move in over Labor Day. Let’s be optimistic.

Land Ministry: Mark Vitosh, DNR forester, walked around the property with the Trails and Woodlands subcommittee on April 25th. He had several suggestions on how we can maintain and improve our woodland area. Suggestions included trimming dead branches, removing the honey suckle and Asian bittersweet, and of course, the garlic mustard. On the Day of Service, June 10th, volunteers will be able to continue the removal of invasive species. Several volunteers have already pulled garlic mustard on the “bank parcel” of our property.

We are working with Sean and Meredith Pearl from Sustainable Landscaping to plan the plantings in the bio-retention cells. This local company will be sourcing and ordering the native plants that we will need for the bio-retention cells. We will need approximately 850 plants. We won’t set a planting date until the retention cells are completed or we can anticipate a firm date of completion. We plan to use Sean and a couple of his workers to plant—along with as many volunteers as we can recruit! Stay tuned for the dates.