Weekly service offering

At Sunday services, a cash offering is collected and all funds are donated to a partner organization in the community. Each month a new organization is designated to receive all offering donations for that month. In months with five Sundays, a special project is chosen to receive funding on the fifth Sunday.

2016 Monthly partner donations

  • January: Domestic Violence Intervention Program, $1,400
  • February: Hospice, $1,000
  • March: Crisis Center, $1,300
  • April: Elder Services, $1,500
  • May: Table to Table, $1,050
  • June: Comm. Mental Health, $1,000
  • July: Free Medical Clinic, $1,150
  • August: Free Lunch, $900
  • September: Emma Goldman, $950
  • October: Shelter House, $1,500
  • November: Free Dental Clinic, $1,400
  • December: United Action for Youth, $1,350

2016 Fifth Sunday project donations

  • Minister’s Discretionary Fund, $635
  • Partner Church in Romania, $3,000
  • Black Lives Matter, $550
  • ND Standing Rock Pipeline Camp, $600

Social Justice Action Fund

The Social Justice Action Fund (SJAF) was established in 2013 to support projects, events, and groups that address social justice issues both locally and beyond. The SJAF complements the work of the Social Justice Coordinating Committee by funding ad hoc requests that are made throughout the year.

2016 SJAF Donations

  • Table to Table: summer food for low income children/youth, $200
  • ToGatherTogether: school supplies for low income children/youth, $300
  • City High Student lunches for February through May, $600
  • UNICEF, $500
  • Center for Worker Justice annual dues for 2017, $250
  • Sponsorship for the Center for Worker Justice GALA fundraiser, $250
  • Purchasing the movie “Defying the Nazis: The Sharps War” and the companion book, $76
  • Support for the leadership and communication program for inmates at the Iowa Medical and Classification Center at Oakdale, $340
  • Shipping quilts and materials to our Partner Church in Janosfalva, Romania, $150
  • Support for Compeer Program, $500