From Your Director of Congregational Life

The big dirt pile was just moved from in front of my office window, so I can see more of the construction as it happens. It is exciting to see more visible progress—the driveway and parking lot being poured, more and more of the siding going up, work on the roof of the sanctuary and fellowship hall continuing!

The Publicity Committee is hard at work coming up with good ways to advertise us, and making sure we get lots of photos to include in newsletters and on the website, and we are in the midst of redesigning the website to be more engaging and exciting for potential visitors, as well as providing the information and connections we need within the congregation.

I have agreed to take on the overall coordinating of the special events that will happen in the fall—not to do the organizing of particular events, but working with any groups and committees who are interested to find a good place in the schedule for particular events. We want lots of opportunities for new people to come and see our new building once it is up, to re-engage with those who have stayed on the sidelines during the transition, and to celebrate with all of us who have continued to be engaged. But we also don’t want events too close together if they involve many volunteers.

We have plans underway for the Pride Parade and events on June 17th, but we are looking for someone to coordinate a group of us marching in the Coralville 4thFest Parade in July.

We are looking at possibilities of a family-friendly Green Fair to celebrate our opening as the “Greenest Church in Iowa.” We want to offer tours of the building and the property, have lots of hands-on activities, invite outside groups who deal with land and environmental issues, highlight some of the green elements we have included, and share the plans we have for the land.

What ideas do you have to suggest related to the groups you are interested in? What will be interesting to attract community members who may not have heard of us yet, or who know of us but have not yet visited? Talk with your groups, do some brainstorming, and let me know your ideas!

—Peggy Garrigues