Youth are a vital part of our congregation, and we invite you to explore ways to connect with others while contributing to the life of the community.

Opportunities for involvement

In addition to participating in Sunday morning religious education classes or Our Whole Lives, there are many ways for youth to become involved in the community. A few examples include:

  • Singing in the choir or sharing instrumental talents
  • Helping in the nursery or in religious education classes
  • Assisting with fundraising events, such as the annual Treats & Talents Auction
  • Volunteering in the local community during a Day of Service or other event
  • Traveling with other members on a service trip, such as reforestation efforts in Guatemala


This year we will begin connecting adult mentors with youth in grades 9-12 (or homeschool equivalent). Does your youth have a passion for social work, want to take a more active role in worship, have interest in audiovisual technology or social media communications? Whatever the interests, we will help connect them to a mentor to help develop their skills, while also helping them becoming a leader in their own right.

Learn more

To learn more about these youth opportunities, contact the Director of Lifespan Religious Education.